May 27, 2020, 11:35 IST

Life lessons from the lockdown

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After weeks spent indoors, what have we learnt from our time at home? Here are seven habits to keep with us forever
The past weeks have been seriously challenging as we have navigated the unique changes and limitations placed on our lives. From home schooling, missing family and friends to health and financial worries, it’s been a tricky time. But some surprising benefits have also come out of lockdown, that we can turn into longterm habits:

1 Eating together

Sitting down to dinner together is one of the best things you can do for your family’s health and happiness. It strengthens family bonds and improves communication. Evidence also suggests that children feel more secure and adults less stressed out when they eat together.

2 Exercising more

Whether you’ve been doing a heavy workout every morning or have taken up running or yoga, exercise has become a feature in many households. Fitness experts say sticking to a regular workout routine is the hardest part of any exercise plan — and the lockdown has helped many of us develop a fitness habit.

3 Getting into gardening

The garden has become a sanctuary.

Gardening reduces the risk of a stroke or a heart attack and helps to release endorphins, which lift the mood and ease depression. Plus one hour of hard work in the garden burns around 300 calories, and vitamin-D infused sunshine gives the immune system a boost too.

4 Waking naturally

Instead of an alarm jolting us awake, there is something to be said for rising gradually with the morning sunshine as your ‘wake up’ buddy. Research suggests that if you follow your natural body clock — rising when you naturally wake, snoozing when you feel the need and going to bed when you’re tired — you will get better quality sleep and have more energy through the day.

5 Keeping downtime

Social space has been limitless in lockdown. Once packed schedules have emptied, leaving us room to breathe. Evidence suggests that when we set boundaries and allow some space in the diary, we give ourselves the freedom to make the right choices and decisions.

6 Being grateful

In these difficult times, we have learnt to count our blessings, and there is a reason to continue. Giving thanks is an instant moodlifter and improves health and well-being. Research shows grateful people have lower levels of stress and depression and sleep better.

7 Doing nothing

Switching off and doing nothing might be considered idle by some, but research shows it is essential for mental health and creativity. It is crucial for problem solving. Studies into boredom also reveal that the mind finds new ways to generate interest and excitement. So doing nothing at all, even for a few minutes every day, can stimulate the brain.


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