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Inner Path to Achieve Powers

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Humans have always longed to be enriched with power. The power of money, respect, position, prestige and ultimately to achieve self actualization; all this is acquired to become famous and rich. The thirst for all these powers makes one go to various places and for this, people choose pathways within this world to attain power. Similarly, when one is fed up of worldly affairs and chaos, one chooses the internal path, the spiritual path, leaving the outside path. Some people may run towards the outside path and some run towards the inside path for attaining power. Both paths are different and they will lead you to achieve different powers.

One often chooses the external path to achieve powers, keen on the outside and not aware or driven towards the internal path. This is the reason why our senses are all external, our ears listen from the outside, our eyes see things on the outside, our tongue tastes food outside, we feel with our skin from outside, smell outside fragrances through our nose. Whatever elements are there are on the outside are to be absorbed within us, these senses work as a window, through which worldly knowledge and wisdom enters within us. It is human nature that since our senses are outward, we absorb and imbibe things in an outward manner.

However, the path of self-actualization is understood only by a few and even fewer choose to walk it. This pathway goes within each person, deep within the mind and psychic body, to connect to your soul. When one connects to the soul and awakens their dormant powers, then one connects to the spiritual energy flowing within us, along with connection to the physical energies as well, achieving two things at once.

Choosing the external path, one develops externally; to acquire wealth and fame, but you will not be able to achieve the internal satisfaction. Whereas the internal path, path of meditation, for the pure souls who want to connect with The Almighty. Everything resides within you, that is why when one starts to introspect and understand their energies, they learn how blessed they are and how much power they can receive from the Divine God. When one connects to The Almighty, they feel the pious energies working upon and within them, ultimately connecting you and making you submit to God altogether.

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